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This range started out as a challenge: As a local design and manufacturing business how do we attempt to compete with the cheap imports pervading our industry?

While we realise there are many factors causing this situation, leaving many feeling helpless, we need to do our best to combat the notion that cheap imports are a good idea or even comparable if we are to be part of a growing industry and economy. 

All of this led to a range that explores the most cost effective way to obtain structural integrity, a long-lasting aesthetic and flexibility in terms of materials used.

Not wanting to make it easy for ourselves we started with a stackable chair which took about a year to develop due to constantly needing to bring the production cost down! China how do you do it? As always, the learning proved valuable and we now produce these chairs in batches of 150 units and have further refined the design to a new model with adjusted backrest angles and a 'bum profile' in the seat.

The name suggests the same robust approach many would remember from the Kaapse Provinsiale Administrasie furniture at schools, hospitals and government institutions and we found something  pleasing about paying tribute to this design approach.