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Bathroom fixtures are items we use everyday, they are an opportunity to express aesthetic direction and should form part of the vision for a space - it's the moment for details to complete the picture. 

You'll find our bathroom items divided into ranges with distinct variations in form and materials. We pay a lot of attention to the materials and use only stainless or galvanised steel before powder-coating to ensure longevity. 

We do supply these ranges to property developments and large projects, get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this



It has been said that we should invest in a good bed and good shoes as if you're not in the one you're in the other...

This is our current range of beds, each with distinct features and built to last a lifetime. 

We focus on durable materials and fixings to ensure you get the most from your bed, designed for easy assembly and aeration for the mattress.

Notes on our beds: sizing ranges from single beds to extra length king-size.


Firenze Bedside Table


Firenze Bench


This is a collection of our bench solutions across the various ranges.

Each has been designed with a particular aesthetic and practical use in mind with a high degree of focus put into the stability and robustness of the demands of a piece designed for numerous people to sit on.

There is a crossover point where some ranges offer indoor and outdoor options while others are also suited to upholstered or riempie leather seats.

Lastly the sizing of these benches is designed to work with our table sizes, custom sizes are possible but we require some dimensions from you in order to give you the best possible solution - please get in touch.

Recycle Bin


Chest of Drawers


Chairs & Armchairs

Chairs & Armchairs

Designing seating is notoriously difficult due to the constraints imposed by materials, costs, sizing etc. Over the years we have refined this collection to a select few options that we believe will be enjoyed for a long time.

See our range of seating for various spaces in the home, office or restaurant - some stackable, some for outdoors - all of a quality that we are proud of.

Butchers Side Table


Deluxe Bathroom Range


This range was inspired by our friends at Deluxe Coffeeworks when they asked for some last minute shelving for one of their new shops, as usual these kinds of requests bring the best out of us! 

We narrowed our materials down to Stainless Steel wire for its strength, accuracy and minimal line, a mild steel bracket that allows for shelf adjustment and solid timber to get the longest span out of the shelf - from there the design took shape and has become a reliable system of shelving that we've done for the last 5 years. 


Firenze Dresser

Featured Collection

Firenze Bedside Table


This range followed our Huguenot Range as we felt the need for a softer aesthetic using a round timber leg and the need to challenge ourselves technically.


Once we started understanding the main feature being the meeting point between the steel structure and the timber leg we refined this by introducing a section of steel pipe at the same diameter of the leg. For us this is the holy grail of our work as we strive to pull design detailing together with solid production methods.


What results is the absolute simplest construction of a rounded leg that tapers gently from the floor up and is balanced by a strong horizontal steel structure.


Over time we have developed this range to include beds, benches, barstools and a variety of items that have proved to justify the idea of keeping simplicity in focus. 

Stockholm 5 Hook


Huguenot Bed

Huguenot Range

This range stems from a moment of realising that something as simple as a elegant taper on the table leg can become a distinctive feature, easily seen and enjoyed from almost every angle.


From there we refined the connection point between steel and timber and found a very pleasing relationship between the two, where the steel is supported by the rebates in the timber and expressed in the visible bolts.


On our constant quest for design that expresses something of our past and present this Huguenot range captures a piece of our history as a country with many influences and even more resourcefulness.


The classic tapering legs go far in supporting a well balanced light steel structure and over time we've developed a host of items that fit within this range.



We are slowly building up a range of childrens furniture & toys that we believe will become much-loved family heirlooms.

You'll find the same high quality materials, detailing and proven fixings as with the rest of our work.

Let us know how your family enjoys it!



Our design work in this space is most often inspired by our own daily rituals and the need to celebrate the simple moments in life.
This means a timeless aesthetic, long lasting quality and usability that helps the space function as the the heart of the home. 
With this in mind we are intentionally working towards items that will bring joy and a lifetime of usefulness.
KPA Chair 2.0


This range started out as a challenge: As a local design and manufacturing business how do we attempt to compete with the cheap imports pervading our industry?

While we realise there are many factors causing this situation, leaving many feeling helpless, we need to do our best to combat the notion that cheap imports are a good idea or even comparable if we are to be part of a growing industry and economy. 

All of this led to a range that explores the most cost effective way to obtain structural integrity, a long-lasting aesthetic and flexibility in terms of materials used.

Not wanting to make it easy for ourselves we started with a stackable chair which took about a year to develop due to constantly needing to bring the production cost down! China how do you do it? As always, the learning proved valuable and we now produce these chairs in batches of 150 units and have further refined the design to a new model with adjusted backrest angles and a 'bum profile' in the seat.

The name suggests the same robust approach many would remember from the Kaapse Provinsiale Administrasie furniture at schools, hospitals and government institutions and we found something  pleasing about paying tribute to this design approach.

Fluted Chair


We enjoy being a design-led business, continually expanding our range and considering custom projects. Below are the latest additions in our design stable.



Here is a collection of our standing, table and wall-mounted lighting. We focus on the fine details and meeting point between materials. All of our lighting makes use of standard electrical fittings and can be used with various light bulbs, depending on their size.
Material Palette

Material Palette

Understanding the materials that something is made from is absolutely critical to the success and longevity of the piece.

We allow materials to guide the design and costing process, with the ultimate goal being that the right material is chosen to ensure a timeless result.

Each environment and intended use will govern this decision as well as external factors such as availability, price, environmental concerns and aesthetic considerations.

See the images below of what we call our palette and get in touch if you have questions.
Military Table


Oval Mirror


Wire Shelf




While the office landscape is constantly changing we've seen a lot of our furniture being used in work spaces and as a result have developed a variety of solutions for offices ranging from a home office to large corporate work spaces. 

We integrate storage, cable trays and power access, create desk banking configurations and other specific solutions - if you see something you'd like customised please get in touch.



Below is a collection of items designed for various purposes outdoors.

Built to endure the elements, we use kiln-dried hardwoods and hot-dipped galvanised steel and see weathering as an endearing feature.

Galvanising adds a visible texture and will dull over time, the optional Black powder-coating is UV stable and commercial grade waterproof fabric is used for seating.

Take a look below or get in touch if you need a specific size for your outdoor space.



A large part of our business involves custom projects, ranging from small home office to restaurants, hotels & corporate office jobs.

Here are some examples of recent projects.

Steelclad Server


Wire Shelf


Stockholm 5 Hook


KPA Stool

Stools & Barstools

This is a collection of stools & barstools across our various ranges.

Beyond meeting a functional need in your kitchen or dining room, these stools can be useful as side tables or occasional seating that stacks away until needed.  

Most of our stools have been designed for easy self-assembly and easy flat-packaging using simple machine bolts and an Allen key that is supplied with the piece.

We've found that 680/750mm seat heights are versatile for a wide range of counters but take care to think through the correct height of your bar counter or table surface to ensure the fit is comfortable.



Here is a collection of our tables from across the different ranges. 

We work on a few standard sizes which can be customised if needed along with other elements you might need if using the table as a desk for example.

Generally speaking we don't count the seats at the head & tail of the table when giving dimensions as room for these extra two seats is not a guarantee in all spaces.

We pride ourselves in very robust table design with innovative fastening methods for easy assembly, to understand more about a specific range see the RANGES tab above.

Let us know if you don't find what you're looking for or would like to give us a challenge!