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We are now open on Saturdays! All products made to order in Cape Town. All products are made to order, especially for you. Contact us for current lead times. :)

We are proudly rooted in Cape Town, South Africa and being part of growing the design industry. We see good design as a sustainable tool to grow our local economy and create a momentum of opportunities for others to be part of. By keeping design in focus we have seen our business grow to meet needs across different sectors and scale to meet demand in commercial projects, homes, offices, restaurants and many other spaces. We selectively take on interns as a means to support the design industry and would like to continue to invest in local designers around us.

Simple Lines, functional design, timeless aesthetic.

Founded in 2008 we are a proudly South African design-focused business. We are motivated by excellent quality and a rigorous design process that results in our work being useful across a variety of sectors, ranging from private homes to restaurants, hotels and offices.Guided by our desire to build a long-term design business we invest a lot into our team, our processes and manufacturing capacity. We believe that this approach enables the kind of sustainable growth that our local industry needs and this continues to challenge our thinking. We take a holistic approach to design – we solve problems, trust the use of materials and believe in the integrity of our product. Whether it’s a dining room table, an office desk or storage unit, we believe design should be accessible, functional and beautiful. It’s why we focus on quality products, innovative design and a simple aesthetic that we believe will still hold our attention for years to come. We have become captivated by the space between design + production which informs nearly everything about how we work. The link between these two elements has become inseparable and with hindsight we've found that this is what we are really good at and enjoy!Good design has the ability to address challenges such as brand identity, aesthetic preference, budget and technical issues – quality production backs this all up.

Due to the ongoing investment in our own production we are able to offer sustainable employment while also giving opportunities for others to grow their own career within our vision. We currently employ roughly 30 people in roles ranging from skilled artisans, administration, logistics, junior designers, semi-skilled labour, production management etcWe are passionate about our work and have found a group of people who share the same goals, this is what we would call our 'growth strategy'.

Over the years we have grown our production capacity to be able to work on large-scale commercial projects alongside our online range while also completing a select amount of one-off orders. Our factory works on a weekly cycle running 50-60 jobs at any given time with each job ranging from a single table or chair to a larger run of office desks. While production will always be a challenge we see it as integral to our design process and our ability to compete with the ever increasing amount of cheap imports.

We make use of a variety of materials and are always testing new materials and fixings as we believe in exploiting each material for its unique strength. We choose not to hide fixings or cover with layers of paint or varnish while ensuring the durability of surfaces for their intended purpose.Due to the local climate we have found imported hardwoods to be of a higher quality and their durability means the product will outlast something made using local timber. This translates to us using sustainably forested hardwoods and a holistic view on the green economy which sees a product lifespan over many years.


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