Care Guide

We take a lot of time and care to produce furniture of great quality that is made to last. We hope that each Pedersen + Lennard piece will find a special place in your home and be enjoyed by many. This care guide was created to help you look after and maintain your investment. That being said, our solid wood furniture is extremely durable, any scratches/ dents can be easily sanded out and they are designed to endure growing families and even being passed down for generations to come.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team and we will gladly assist you.

Caring for Timber

We Recommend:

- Keeping your furniture out of direct sunlight

- Keeping your indoor furniture protected against outdoor elements

- Dust with a clean dry cloth

- Using coasters or trivets to avoid any potential marks on the surface

- Do not allow prolonged contact with moisture / liquid

- Wipe up spillages with a dilution of your Plant Soap Concentrate or a clean damp cloth

- Do not use any chemical cleaners or polishes that may damage the surface or strip the timber of it's natural moisture

Timber Care Instructions

(For timber with a natural, pure or 5% white oil finish.)

Timber is a natural material so variation in colour, grain pattern and knots is normal. As is expansion and contraction of the timber with sudden or frequent changes in the surrounding humidity and temperature e.g. in air-conditioned environments or places of higher altitude such as Johannesburg.

To prevent your furniture from splitting, cracking, or warping due to this movement, we highly recommend you oil and clean your hardwood furniture regularly as per our care guide instructions. Following these simple steps will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment of your Pedersen + Lennard pieces.

We include a Timber Care Kit with each relevant order to help you get started with caring for your furniture. If you run out of these products, you are able to purchase them online, directly from our local supplier, ProNature.

Download Timber Care Instructions

Earth-Friendly Wood Oil Only

We only use environmentally friendly oil-based wood sealers that are free of lead, petrochemicals and VOC's on our furniture. We made sure that the timber sealer we sourced is safe for the chemically sensitive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children and pets.

We are always trying to do better and make sustainability an integral part of what we do, in every process of our production.

Our oil-based wood sealer penetrates and nourishes this wonderful material that nature has given us. It helps repel water, enhances the natural grain of timber and protects it from changes in humidity.