Public Outdoor Furniture - Silo District

November 30, 2018

We recently supplied the V&A Waterfront with a range of our KPA outdoor tables and KPA backed benches for use in the Silo District.

Over the years we have distilled our outdoor offering down to two materials that meet our expectations in terms of being weather resistant and aging well: Hot-dipped Galvanised steel & outdoor hardwood. For this project we used timber called Garapa which is a favourite as it is sustainably forested and kiln-dried, giving you the best chance for success over many years.

It's a real treat to have our work set amongst such inspiring architecture and watch it weather the elements!

KPA Outdoor Table and KPA Backed Benches at the Silo District - Pedersen + Lennard

KPA Outdoor Furniture - Pedersen + Lennard

KPA Outdoor Table and Backed Bench - Pedersen + Lennard

KPA Outdoor Furniture at the Silo District - Pedersen + Lennard 

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