Our Story

Pedersen + Lennard began in a back room in Woodstock in 2008 — by industrial designers, Luke Pedersen and James Lennard. Brought together by their common love for simple lines, a timeless aesthetic, and the country they’re proud to call home.

Over a decade later, considered design still informs everything we do. It’s evident in each piece of furniture we craft, and it’s embodied in the way we’ve built our business too.

There are no veneers, short cuts or unnecessary adornments here. Instead, you’ll find honest, pared-down, well-built pieces designed to not only last a lifetime, but improve the lives of those who had a hand in making them too.

Proudly South African + Globally Acclaimed

Pedersen + Lennard designer furniture is sought after around the world, yet all made under one roof in Cape Town.

Recognised both at home and abroad, our business has grown to meet a wide range of clients, spaces and sectors—including commercial projects, private homes, offices, restaurants and public outdoor spaces.

Proudly rooted in South Africa, we seek to grow our local economy, broaden our reach to the rest of the world, and create a momentum of opportunities that others can share in.

Form + Function + Forever

Considered design informs every aspect of our business; from our in-house creative design team to our production line, from our careful choice of materials, to our rigorous testing processes, right through to the small, hidden details that make our furniture as good to look at upside down as the right way up.

And while we seek to create designer furniture that will last a lifetime, we also aim to better the lives of those who have a hand in making it, as well as those who choose to invest in it. That’s why we take the long view when it comes to quality service, timeless design, and long-term staff development.

Sustainable Materials + Streamlined Production

We try to do our utmost to leave a lighter footprint. Every material we use is locally and sustainably sourced from a network of suppliers we know we can rely on.

We use non-toxic sealants and timber that’s FSC-approved. And in an effort to reduce any excess waste, many of our designs have been inspired by using the “by-product” materials of other items — turning every part into something beautiful and functional. 

We’ve also learnt that good design demands good production. An ongoing investment in our own production and design team has allowed us more control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. This means more flexibility, shorter lead times and a closer attention to the quality of our work.

Have you heard?

We shared our story with The Local Edit over on their podcast, Behind The Edit.

We share candidly about our humble beginnings, design processes and the intimate partnership between design and production.

Tune into episode six to hear more on our journey of building a design business in the unique landscape of South Africa.

Tune in to episode 6